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Fear of not ensuring the bed Escorts in Koramangala, afraid of disappointing, afraid of enjoying too fast, afraid of being a lousy shot, afraid that she will say that you are not “really  ” a man. If the Gaul’s were only worried that the sky falls on their heads, this is not the case of the modern man who is often in doubt and has the impression of not being up to the task. Especially on the sexual level. Never mind, today you get a motivational article to find the right state of mind, boost your performance in bed and again enjoy your sex life serenely with Koramangala escorts.

Fear of failing to ensure sex level: but where does it come from now?

  • “Women say I’m a bad shot. These are horrible languages. How can they say that in 2 minutes? “
  • Like Woody Allen, do you think you’re wrong in bed? Are you afraid that your girlfriend will leave you because you do not last long enough or that you do not enjoy her enough?
  • Welcome to the (Fight) club!
  • It’s a scary thought that has had to go through every man’s mind at least once.
  • We present to you the culprit of these general panic attacks: the anxiety of the sexual performance!
  • And if you want to last longer in bed, stop putting pressure on yourself unnecessarily, enjoy more and boost your sexual performance, you must begin by understanding and deconstructing this anguish.
  • Here’s how you will do it.
  • Let’s go!
  • Boost your sexual performance: destroy the three pillars of anxiety
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So where does this anxiety of production come from?

In reality, it is based on three pillars that destroy your brain every day and make you doubt about yourself and your ability to make love to Escorts in Koramangala:


Above all, but then especially, do not model on porn to assess your sexual performance. Otherwise, you will fall into depression instantly.

When you watch an X movie, remember one thing: it’s not about a couple having sex. They are actors who are paid to shoot.

They carefully follow a scenario where everything is staged: the position, the angle of view, the screams, the ejaculations, and the moment when they will enjoy everything!

The difference between porn and real life is a bit the same difference that there is between the Big Mac in the ad and the one you eat.

In porn, all guys are a bodybuilder, and all girls are like Call girls in Koramangala make a penetration last for hours at a frenetic pace and enjoy women screaming again and again.

  • Everything is more spectacular.
  • Porn is the motto of the Olympic Games: “faster, higher, and stronger.”
  • It is not for nothing that many switches to porn-addiction.
  • Because you have no limit access to hardcore sex that you do not necessarily find in your life as a couple.
  • Because sometimes what you see on the net can cause frustrating comparisons with your sex life.
  • That’s what happens to my favorite double, Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Don Jon, even though he has Scarlett Johansson in bed.
  • Conclusion, do not abuse porn! And never forget that it’s not about real life.
  • On the other hand, to vary the pleasures, you can still propose to your partner to watch a film X together.
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With Escorts in Koramangala The size of your sex

It’s the eternal debate: size, does it count or not? According to this study written for the American Psychological Association, only 45% of men are satisfied with the size of their sex. Less than one in two men! On the other hand, 85% of Independent escorts in Koramangala are confident with the size of their partner’s gender, and only 6% of women feel that it is too small.

So finally, size matters, but it may not be that important!

For it to be genuinely eliminatory, you would have to have a micropenis. And this is only the case for less than 1% of men on this planet. So, stop making white hair for so little.

The duration of sexual intercourse

It always feels like ejaculating too fast, or even for some to be a premature ejaculator.

According to this poll conducted by The Journal of Sexual Medicine, a man puts on average 6 minutes before ejaculating. So if your reports last only 6 minutes, they are quite reasonable. And if it’s a little less for you, do not worry. Any tips for staying a little longer in bed can be found in this article on masturbation as well as from online Escort services in Koramangala.

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