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We do not like the term “push a girl to do a blowjob”. Encourage him to suck you, and it’s already better. Escorts in Koramangala Even better: invite him to make you a blowjob. We met a little guy who asked us why so few girls sucked.

We do not push, and we do not manipulate, we do not order (unless the lady agrees but that’s another subject) when it comes to sexuality. We talk about making love, and we talk about an exchange, and not only desires in male sexuality.

The state of mind to have when having sex

Sex, it’s done to two. Love is made at two (minimum but that too is another subject). When we make love, officially, we are two, and each sexual practice is a contract accepted between you and Koramangala escorts.

Nothing is necessary, everything is proposed in a more or less subtle way. Escorts in Koramangala does not want you to lick her; she does not want to let you do cunnilingus? OK, no cunnilingus for madam. Do not be Harvey Weinstein. Does she not want any fingers? OK, no caresses to lead to orgasm, no fingering as preliminaries, some girls do not like it.

She accepts the missionary, but no sex on all fours? OK, it may sound weird, but again “what woman wants, God wants it”.She accepts one or two fingers behind but refuses to open for sodomy? Again, nothing to add, if Independent escorts in Koramangala will not insist despite your longing, despite the strength of your fantasies. Even if before the bar she told you she loved, also if on Tinder she had you said she was going to suck you, and then you could sodomize her. A girl has the right to change her mind regarding sexuality (and you also, note in case) (even if you can reread my article for make you want to sodomy a woman)

Escorts In Koramangala

In bed, it is the Call girls in Koramangala who decides, you can, of course, propose anything you want, but when it is no, it is no.

Now that you have integrated the concept of consent, that is to say of contract between two responsible adults, let’s get back to our business, your desire to suck you, whatever your reason for that.

Before you reveal the elements that can push a girl to suck you, we will tell you the four mistakes to avoid if you want a blowjob.

The four mistakes not to make when you want to get sucked by a girl

OK, we said subtle, and the titles are a bit big, but let’s call a cat a cat. These four errors range from the beginner error to the feeble professional error.

In any case: do not do anything, thank you for them. (And for your dignity)

The error of the elevator up

Imagine that you are licking it on a bed. Imagine that you go back and that at the height of this erotic scene, you continue to climb, and climb again, and HOP here is your sex at the height of his face!

Of course, she can say yes or no, but a girl who does not want to suck you will find the procedure rude, and she will be right.

Escorts In Koramangala

The mistake of pressing her head Escorts in Koramangala

Believe me or not, my girlfriends and my mistresses from Escort services in Koramangala talk to me about it all the time. I do not even understand how in 2017 some guys still think that leaning on the head of a girl they kiss little to make the girl want to suck.

    • The girls’ head is not a buzzer of Questions for a Champion!
    • Push a girl to do a blowjob
    • The mistake of thinking that it will be reciprocal
    • Because you lick her, do you think she should suck you?
    • Push a girl to suck
    • Fellatio is like antibiotics: it’s not automatic.
  • Forget also the tirades ” it’s normal”, “everyone does it”, “my ex-suck me all the time” to make the girl feel guilty.
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